Wryly subversive blues trance rock

for the danceable post truth era

For bookings and licencing please contact melodyandthejones@gmail.com


The groove orientated confection of Melody & The Jones meld the dark grunge of guitar with driving dance-rock rhythms and a strident soaring soulstruck voice – a nourishing sonic travelogue arriving at an imaginary utopian metropolis of musical meanderings where there are few rules other than to play and write what you feel. Jamming and improvisation are intrinsic to what we do and are the seed to all structured songs. We have released one such piece "Are You Brave" to provide a small introduction to the setting of our compass.


The first official release will be the single "West Coast" (If I Was A Kite) which will be released on August 6th 2017.

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